Welcome to the website of the Local Anti-Drug Coalition Efforts (LACE) of Huntington County

Grant Application 2014 due to Youth Services Bureau by October 20, 2014

A letter from our Department of Health about taking a stand against the synthetic drugs epidemic hurting our community: Synthetic drug letter from the Health Board

BOARD MEETINGS HELD THE 3RD MONDAY  of the month AT YSB AT NOON, Lunch provided by Board Agencies:


  • January 27
  • February 24
  • March 17
  • April 21
  • May 19
  • August 18
  • September 22
  • October 20
  • November 17



To gather data & assess needs regarding alcohol & drug abuse and addiction in Huntington County, to help access current and prospective funding sources for opportunities and programs in the areas of prevention, treatment, and justice, to review grant proposals and give recommendations, and to pursue community involvement as needed. 


Huntington VOICE members meet weekly throughout the school year to advocate ways to say NO to Big Tobacco!


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